My collection of pre-stamped covers,postcards and aerogrammes + maximumcards, postal card, FDC, sheets, stamps….

# 266 – PORTUGAL / 8


Republic of PORTUGAL

Taxa Paga / Postage Paid



postcardPortugal8stampThank to PEDRO from Portugal

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2009/08/13 - Posted by | *pre-stamped postcard, Portugal

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  1. Hello Dragan,
    This is just a note to let you know that the next Festival of Postcards is dedicated to Quadrupeds(4-legged animals)and you are always welcome to participate with one or more of your blogs.
    Post 266 from this blog would be great.
    Here is the Call for Submissions:

    Evelyn in Montreal

    Komentar autora/ice evelynyvonnetheriault | 2009/09/16 | Odgovori

  2. […] postcards & aerogrammes is a Festival of Postcards regular. This time he’s sharing  # 266–PORTUGAL/8 « Pre-stamped postcards & aerogrammes which depicts Portuguese General Silveira atop his steed. Like many Festival participants, Dragan […]

    Povratni ping autora/ice A Festival Of Postcards (5th Ed.) – Quadrupeds | A Canadian Family « A Canadian Family | 2009/10/30 | Odgovori


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