My collection of thematic stamps, maximumcards, postal card,


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  1. I agree your request. Reunion island is a part of France and not have specifc Stamps (it’s called an oversea department, it’s the same for Guadeloupe and martinique island in caribean). I ‘am trying to do something for you (if i found nice postcard & perhaps from another french territory, more in the south).

    In few month…..
    oh la baleine in your blog.

    Komentar autora/ice oh la baleine | 2009/05/31 | Odgovori

  2. Thank you for answering my message. I know that Reunion use french stamps but the postcard will be send from your island and that is great for me. Thanks again
    Greetings from Croatia

    Komentar autora/ice fiume051 | 2009/05/31 | Odgovori


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