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Summer 1896





greece-kingdom GREECE

1) 20 lepta



Participating countries

  1.   Australia. (1)
  2. Austria   Austria-Hungary– Austria was part of Austria–Hungary at the time, though the results of Austrian athletes are typically reported separately. (3)
  3. Bulgaria – The Bulgarian Olympic Committee claims that gymnast Charles Champaud was competing as a Bulgarian.[41] Champaud was a Swiss national living in Bulgaria. Mallon and de Wael both list Champaud as Swiss. (1)
  4. Chile – The Chilean Olympic Committee claims to have had one athlete, Luis Subercaseaux, compete in the 100, 400, and 800-meter races in the athletics programme. No further details are given, and no mention is made of Subercaseaux in de Wael, or the Official Report. (1)
  5. Denmark (3)
  6. France (13)
  7. Germany (19)
  8. Great Britain – The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland has historically maintained separate athletic organisations for each of its constituent countries. The major exception to this has been the Olympic Games, in which the country is considered as a single entity. However, it has conventionally used the name “Great Britain” at the Olympics rather than the more common shortening of the name to “the United Kingdom”. (10)
  9. Greece – Greek results typically include the results of competitors from Cyprus, Smyrna and Egypt. Some sources give Cypriot results separately, though most count Anastasios Andreou, a Greek-Cypriot and the only athlete from Cyprus, as Greek (Cyprus was a protectorate of the United Kingdom at the time). Kasdaglis, an athlete of Greek origins living in Alexandria, Egypt, is listed by the IOC as Greek during his competition in the singles tennis competition but Kasdaglis and his doubles tennis teammate, Greek athlete Demetrios Petrokokkinos, are listed as a mixed team. (169)
  10. Hungary  Austria-Hungary- Hungary is usually listed separately from Austria, despite the two being formally joined as Austria–Hungary at the time.(7)
  11. Italy – The most prominent Italian involved with the games, Carlo Airoldi, was deemed a professional and excluded from competition. However, the shooter Giuseppe Rivabella was also Italian and did compete. (1)
  12. Sweden (1)
  13. Switzerland (3)
  14. United States (14)

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